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AS-2902-110/160Auto Sample Injector

Update: 2021/9/2      View:
  • Brand:    COLLECT
  • Type:    AS-2902

---------------------------------- INTRUDUCTION---------------------------------

AS-2902 auto sample injector(ZDJYQ) is an economic auto sample injecting instrument which is special for the sample prepared for chromatography analysis. Which avoid the complex manual operation and improve the efficiency. This instrument adopts precise imported motor which improve the accuracy and repeatability of analyzing sample; also each drive parts is equipped with code-feedback system which can realize monitoring instinstant and prove the stability of instruments. Moreover, huge size for man-instrument interface which is easy for operation. And this model can also be used for high stability, high precision quantity sample injection for fluid sample.

------------------------------------ FEATURES--------------------------------------

1. Easy to operation, man-instrument interface touch screen.
2. Conversion between multi-language which convenient for different customers.
3. With manual sample injection, steady speed, precise quantity.
4. Precise stepping motor drive and code-feedback system, with high stability.
5. Finish sample injector pin washing automatically, stamping and exacting sample.
6. Support 110/160 stations sample plate and multi plate specification for the stations below 160 pieces.
7. Multi communicative interface which finish gas chromatography and upper monitor synchronous operation.
8. Attractive appearance, small figure, light weight, easy to installation, universal property.
9. High automatic, without inspector, working continuity for 24 hours which improve efficiency.
10. Can be connected with all kinds of gas chromatography at home and abroad (refer to the picture) and can inject sample in different injection port.

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